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Blennophobia and Eléphasophobia

elephantboxaelephantboxinsideelephant box back

Blennophobia -Fear of slime.
Eléphasophobia – Fear of elephants

I don’t know why the caged elephant was sitting in the mall parking lot but he seemed happy to see us. We reached out to pat his trunk as he gave us an exploratory sniff. The trunk twisted and writhed around our arms like a fat snake. I wasn’t alarmed as the elephant gently twisted it’s trunk around my wrist and began to pull my arm towards him. I pulled back and the elephant tightened it’s grip. He yanked my arm against the cage bars as I tried to wrest my appendage away. My friends reached up and helped me pry the trunk from my arm and I backed away with relief. Suddenly the elephant raised it’s trunk, made an angry, frightening sound and sprayed me with the slimy contents of its proboscis…


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