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Galeophobia – Fear of Sharks

I think this must be an instinctive fear. Whenever a shark circled past us at the Boston Aquarium, all the hairs on my arms stood up.

Once when we were vacationing at Edisto, South Carolina. My husband and young son and I  went swimming in the cool, gentle waves and plucked shells from the beach. It was fabulous! We practically had the beach to ourselves. Then we saw the fin. “How wonderful, a dolphin!” we thought. We watched as the fin circled closer in towards us. There was only one fin, not a group. No leaping, no sounds. “What if it’s not a dolphin? What if it’s a shark?,” We thought. We went out onto dry land. The fin had only been a few yards from us. I reached down a picked up a shark tooth from the beach…

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